Written in: Python
A Neural Network utilizing Genetic Algorithm to play the game of 2048

Decision Tree

Written in: Python
A decision tree model that predicts the likelihood of cancer give certain diagnostics for a patient.
Github Repo: Decision Tree
Database used: Wisconsin Breast Cancer

Markhov Model based Sentence generator

Written in: Python
A sentence generator that uses Markhov model to learn from a movie script and then create a sentence given a starting word
Github Repo: Markhov Model based Sentence generator

Convolution Neural Network

Written in: Python
Created a Neural Network using Tensorflow Keras to classify animal images (cats vs dogs)
Github Repo: Convolution Neural Network

Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

Written in: Python
Engineered from scratch a clustering algorithm to cluster countries based on their COVID-19 death rate
Github Repo: Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm

Two-Layered Neural Network

Written in: Python
A from scratch Neural Network to classify and predict the labels for the MNIST dataset
Github Repo: Two Layered Neural Network

Hack 500

Written in: PHP, JavaScript, CSS
Designed a website for a hackathon as a course project